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EverNote Universal Clipper 1.0

EverNote Universal Clipper is an add-on for the Evernote desktop client (See all)

EverNote Universal Clipper is an add-on for the Evernote desktop client. Evernote is a note system that allows you to take your notes wherever you go. The system works great because the user downloads a desktop application which syncs with the Evernote servers, which you can access from anywhere. The EverNote Universal Clipper is a great part of the service. What this application does is simple, but it has a great effect on the way you use the application. With the Clipper, you can select parts of text, or even images, or both, from any website, and those will be automatically uploaded to the server as notes. Thus, they will also appear on the Desktop version of the system. This is extremely useful for when you want to remember something that you saw on a website, but don't have the time to bookmark it or you just don't want to. EverNote Universal Clipper comes bundled with the newer versions of EverNote, so it is not distributed as a separate download any longer. To access the EverNote Universal Clipper, just go to Tools from the Windows version. The Mac version has a better solution, which installs on the top bar automatically. If you use this application wisely, you can take the most advantage out of it. It is a saver for me! This review links to the download of Evernote for Windows, which includes the aforementioned tool.

José Fernández
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  • Great for saving snippets of text and images
  • Makes Evernote a better service


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